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Folding Glass

The folding glass balcony systems, which are frequently preferred after being used in new constructions in recent years, have many features. The first of these features is the cleaning, because the glass balconies are folded inward. All the materials and equipments used in these systems are healthy because they provide more sun and air entrances to our homes.

All of our folding glass balcony systems are made with easy-to-open locking systems, and with the possibility of putting curtains on folding glass systems, you can keep the wing flap open with the channel collection mechanism. These systems, which are highly preferred, now provide an aesthetic façade image of our buildings.

Factors such as anti-theft measures, clean and spacious environment, safety for children, energy saving, noise isolation, easy cleaning and ease of maintenance are among the reasons why folding glass balconies are preferred.

When you think about having this system for all apartments with balconies, our project certainly does not require any renovations or legal problems. Because special measures can be applied, our systems are suitable for all kinds of balcony structure and system.

-5 Year warranty

- Stainless and steel accessories

- Sealing insulation with external front silicone

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