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Folding Insulation

You can have systems that are insulated with a new generation of folding ısıcam balconies and that do not give way to windy gates. Our company will provide 5 times more insulation than the conventional systems with these service systems that you offer for your esteemed customers.

These systems, which are different folding glass systems, are especially good at heat and sound insulation. At the same time, waterproofing and gasket insulation systems also make a big difference when compared to other systems.

Our systems that are featured with the Isıcam system are systems that are another alternative to the existing glass balcony systems. The properties and colors of the glasses we use in these glass systems increase the performance value. The four seasons provide you with a more comfortable and more isolated space.

Our folding glass balconies add aesthetic appeal to your buildings and are suitable for zoning legislation. At the same time, with these systems our children can always spend time in your balcony in a safe way. All of the thermocouples manufactured and applied by our company are resistant to impact.

You can contact us our contact page of our web site for more detailed information and price quotes for folding ısıcam balcony systems.