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Glass Curtain Wall

Yogurtçuoğlu Insulation Glasses are produced according to the geographical position and desired characteristics of the building to be built, facade glass, heat control, solar control, heat and solar control, safety and security control. The glasses we produce provide professional solutions in the Facade Coating and Silicone facade dressing systems and Spider facade dressing systems.

Silicone or glass facade cladding systems are used for facade applications where it is desirable to have a continuous glass appearance on the facade. This is accomplished by the creation of a similar grille system on the covered curtain wall system and the installation of glass casings glued to the aluminum frame on the grille gaps.

In accordance with the manufacturing project to be prepared according to the measurements taken the structure to be applied by the silicone curtain wall system, the required cuts, holes, channels, etc. of the vertical carrier and horizontal carrier profiles, operations are completed. The floor slabs of the building to be dressed are suspended with vertical profiles of aluminum profiles on the set anchors. Horizontal conveyor profiles are connected between the vertical conveyors to form the grid system which will form the curtain wall.

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