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Pergola Tente

Pergola Our tents are made of flame retardant and 100% waterproof architecture. Providing maximum stability and temperature, moisture and dirt resistance, these products have the same elasticity as production technology.

The water is quickly transferred thanks to the professional water gaps found in our advanced pergola tents. At the same time, remote controls are also used in these products, which we manufacture using high quality materials for resistance to wind and natural disasters.

Pergola is specialized in tarpaulin team and quality understanding with the industry´s most reasonable prices to serve. We are at every stage of your project, product ion, installation and technical know-how. We apply all the details and work with the most durable materials when applying the pergola and systems that you can use for many years.

For detailed information and price requests for our Pergola tents, you can contact us on the contact page of our website.