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Photocell Door

It is called photocell door to automate a sliding door system consisting of single or double opening wings which slides on a rail suspended over the door space.

These doors, which are often referred to as automatic doors, are just one of the many pass-through systems used in public spaces. Especially in AVMs, these gates used in the entrance and exit of human communities at the entrance of the business centers are opened and closed using the photocell system placed on the door system. Thanks to the photocell system, these products perceive the person approaching the door and do the door opening process itself, and after the passage the door, the door automatically closes itself.

The photocell doors provide transit ease and make the passages practical and fast. Air circulation in the building will also be provided with structures that are not open or closed for a long time. You will also save energy in these door systems where you can reduce heat loss to a minimum level.

Usage areas of our products are quite diverse. There are many examples such as hospital, health center, market, train / subway stations and stations, public buildings, car display areas, airports, shopping malls, hotels and factories. Our products can change the size according to usage needs.

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