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Roof Light Systems

Generally speaking, the buildings are made of opaque glass, which is mounted on the work carriages. The use of glass in the use of heat and light in roof skylights is also very important in terms of minimizing the consumption of energy.

Light systems are developed as ideal solutions to create environments filled with sunlight and filtered daylight. In these systems, which are constructed using special aluminum profiles, the heat loss is virtually eliminated by using polycarbonate sheets or special safety double glazing.

The intensity of the sun is excessive compared to the facade. Thermal differences cause excessive loads on the glass and require thermal polycarbonate coating on the solar-absorbing thermal glass. Roof skylights must be safe. It should be strong and should not break up when broken. For this reason, tempering and lamination should be done together and safety should be ensured in the roof glass panes. Rainwater drainage must be used against excessive rainfall and condensation channels should be used.

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